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This is the very best gas mask that we stock at the moment. They are brand new Swedish Civil Defence gas masks.
Manufactured by Forsheda, these are world class NBC F2 A4 rated masks. These were put into production in 2012 and offers superior penetration protection from all threat agents.

We have tested these gas masks with a WE Force G17 @ 340FPS with 0.20g BB at point blank range, 30 shots fired at each lens. No damage what so ever, no cracking, no splits, the lens were left with a very small mark that just wiped off.

(19/12/2016) - These masks have now been tested with a JG VSR 10 Co2 powered sniper rifle running at 520 FPS. 20 Rounds fire into each lens with no cracks etc, the only damage was some marks to the lens where the plastic has stressed & done it's job. This test was done at point blank range, 5-15cm.

So these gas masks are prefect for airsoft use or for you preppers out there.

- Brand New

- Adults Size 2

- Tested and verified to work for 24hrs in a contaminated area

- Large specially ground lenses provide up to 88% normal field of vision

- Filter thread matches NATO's STANAG 4155 (40mm)

- Comfortable 6 strap harness ensures a perfect fit

- Weighs under 1lb

- Airflow is optimized across both lenses to prevent fogging

- Made from latest technology and materials

- Protection against all known chemical and biological warfare agents

- Also for radioactive solid and liquid particles Nuclear, Radioactive solid and liquid particles Biological, Bacteria and virus Chemical, Organic gases like Sarin, VX, Mustard Gas, Tabun, Inorganic gases like Cyanide and Phosgene

- Made from a high strength polymer and weighs under 300 grams

- Brand New Made to Military Spec in Sweden

- Gas mask takes standard NATO 40mm Filters

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